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Lake Superior Capoeira classes are open to all ages. A $5 donation per class to help cover promotion costs and room fees is asked, but not required.

Capoeira is a brazillian-born art that incorporates aspects of fighting, dancing, music, and gameplay. It's an amazingly complete workout for aerobics, flexibility, strength, and balance.
We meet to play at the Portage Lake District Library in Houghton on Friday and Sunday evenings. If the weather is nice during the week we will sometimes meet for impromptu sessions in the pavillion of the Houghton Kestner Waterfront Park. For Scheduling details check out the events calendar. Also, if you drop an e-mail to lscapoeira@gmail.com you will be added to the email list and get reminders and updates of specific class times and dates, and be informed of the weekday meetings in the park.
Questions? Call Sergio @ 906-281-6997 or email lscapoeira@gmail.com

Meeting times

Informative links for the philosophy, music, history and movements of the art:

The Gingarte Acadamy in Chicago, whom Lake Superior Capoeira is affiliated with...

A fantastic Flash enabled site chock full of information...

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